Tangkoko Nature Reserve

Tangkoko-Duasudara Nature Reserve (8890 ha) sits like a thumbnail on the northern east tip of the peninsula. This Reserve is one of the most beautiful rain forests in Indonesia .

The Reserve contains 3 volcanoes:

-Mt Tangkoko (1109 m).

-The ash cone of Batuangus (450 m) which resulted from an eruption in 1893.

-And the twin peaks of Duasudara (1351 m).

The Tangkoko-Duasudara has been famous the time of Wallace, a British naturalist who visited Sulawesi in the 1850 s,for its abundant and unusual wildlife (e.g.,Maleo bird).In 1919 the Dutch colonial government declared Tangkoko a Nature monument. In 1942, the Nature protection  ordinance established Tangkoko as a Nature Reserve. After independence the Reserve was retained as a Nature Reserve and responsibility fell under the Ministry of Forestry.



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